Hardware password/seed storage

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DIY Hardware Password Keeper



The goal of this project is to create an advanced encryption storage device that is easy to use and build. This device will allow users to store an unlimited number of passwords which can be accessed using an RFID key fob.

The project consists of


Hardware part is built on Raspberry Pi Zero (W - optional).

Bill of material

Wiring schema


large version

The wiring is pretty simple, just make sure you have at least 2 inches ( 5 cm ) of wire between components, so you won’t have hard time trying to fit them into the case.


The case can be 3D printed using any PLA filament. The .STL models are provided in the /case/stl/ folder. Using a layer height of 0.15 mm should work, you can try 0.20 for a quick print or go thinner for smoother surfaces.



The OS is based on Linux Kernel 4.14 for Raspberry Pi.

The application is written in Golang with heavy use of components for MFRC522 and OLED display.




The application consists of 2 components:

These components can be built separately:


will build the web interface, services and will invoke buildroot to produce the disk image in buildroot/images/sdcard.img file. This file can be written onto a micro SD card with

dd if=buildroot/images/sdcard.img of=/dev/sda bs=1M


Once the device is assembled, you will need to plug it into the USB port of your computer/laptop.

When you see the prompt on OLED display ( yellow LED will be lit )- insert the FOB into the device to unlock the encrypted internal storage.

Make sure that you use proper data cable - not just charging cable!. The cable has to be inserted into the data port on the device itself, otherwise the device won’t be able to communicate with the computer properly.


The device will register itself as a network interface in the computer/laptop and will be accessible at

Add/update password

Initially there will be no passwords ( for some reason we called them seeds ) configure, so you will be able to add your own:

Add seed

View passwords / dashboard

The dashboard shows the list of the passwords stored in the device:

Add seed


Software / UI



Please feel free to contact us if you’d get any questions or comments.

Project updates

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